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Getting to know yourself, and what might work for you

What we often find in life is that when we are struggling, its because we aren’t ‘congruent’ – our outer life (what we are doing), our inner-self (who we are / what we believe) and our physical wellness – are at odds with each other / are not in balance.  This is a simple exercise to get you thinking about who you are and to help clarify what areas you aren’t clear on – so that you can work towards a more congruent life.

Try it: Answer the questions in this image, in any order. You can do this by making a list of bullet points, or draw a mind map – whatever works for you.

Are there any questions you struggled to answer?


Figuring out your Values


Working on your “why”


Working with Fear


Working with goal setting

  • Create a sense of vision for your future – My Life in Ten Years Time
  • Identify goals across a range of life areas – Life Areas
  • Maslow’s hierarchy of needs can help you to align your goals with your needs – Maslow
  • Set new goals at the end of a year, by reflecting on the previous year (actually you can do this exercise at any time)- New Year Review

On gratitude

  • Chase Jarvis chats to A.J. Jacobs on Gratitude – watch


When the struggle (to make progress) is real

  • Willpower doesn’t work – article
  • The Lean Career Change: How To Reduce The Risk And Increase The Speed Of Your Shift, career shifters, read here.
  • How to Get Better at the Things You Care About, Ted talk by Eduardo Briceno
  • The One Thing, Gary Keller, buy here