Study and research based stress and anxiety can be overwhelming. I’m offering reduced cost therapy and coaching for adult full-time students in the Bristol area to help students to achieve a greater sense of control, balance and fulfilment.

If you are a student interested in taking up reduced cost therapy with me, please do look around my website to find out more about how I work and to get a sense of whether I’m the right therapist for you. Following this, I offer a free 30 minute introductory session – where we can chat about your needs and see if we think we want to work together. To book an introductory session please contact me.

Rates – I offer reduced rates for students:

Full-Time adult students in the Bristol area can benefit from a reduced cost of £45/hr instead of £50/hr.

University of Bristol Students who have access to rooms within the University, can benefit from an additional reduced cost £40/hr.

Skype based reduced cost student sessions are also £40/hr

**Remember you may be entitled to free support from your University or College as these bodies tend to have a system set up for those students who are most in need. Equally the NHS offers some mental health services.